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We just updated Test system from 5.0.28 to 6.0.28

I´m wondering if the package OTRSAdminTypeServices will needed (so .xml file). We are receiving log errors because that package can´t locate the .pm file

I think i tried to reinstall de package and then dissapeared and now is OTRSServiceCategories installed instead. Were that packages replaces for 6 version?

Thank you

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Re: OTRSAdminTypeServices

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These are OTRS AG packages and it's possible that they got renamed.
If everything works fine and you just want to get rid of the error, you have to rebuild the system configuration and restart the web server.

If you still have the "OTRSAdminTypeServices.xml", without the .pm that gets listed in the file, you can/have to delete the .xml first.

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Re: OTRSAdminTypeServices

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Please contact support for these kind of questions...
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