Issue from the generatedashboardstats job

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Issue from the generatedashboardstats job

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I have recently changed the notification email address to one that can be seen by my team on all our OTRS instances as it used to be just going to the default root@localhost. Since doing so one of the notifications I am getting on a regular basis is below. I have looked in the sys admin area and when I looked at the settings for GenerateDashboardStats everything appears to be set as the default values

Function: Execute
MaximumParallelInstances: '1'
Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Stats::Dashboard::Generate
Schedule: 5 * * * *
TaskName: GenerateDashboardStats

When I look at entry in statistics that has the StatID 16 which seems to be for Ticket Created/closed it produces a graph in the frontend and in the general specification I cannot see anything that allows date ranges to be set. Does this mean that somehow there is a ticket with a future date?

ERROR: Perl: 5.18.2 OS: linux Time: Tue Jun 30 11:05:22 2020

Message: Can't cache StatID 16: The selected end time is in the future!

Traceback (23528):
Module: Kernel::System::Stats::_GenerateDynamicStats Line: 3297
Module: Kernel::System::Stats::StatsRun Line: 1597
Module: Kernel::System::Stats::StatsResultCacheCompute Line: 1712
Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Stats::Dashboard::Generate::Run Line: 129
Module: (eval) Line: 444
Module: Kernel::System::Console::BaseCommand::Execute Line: 438
Module: (eval) Line: 147
Module: Kernel::System::Daemon::DaemonModules::SchedulerTaskWorker::Cron::Run Line: 131
Module: Kernel::System::Daemon::DaemonModules::SchedulerTaskWorker::Run Line: 259
Module: (eval) Line: 316
Module: main::Start Line: 316
Module: /opt/otrs/bin/ Line: 138

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Re: Issue from the generatedashboardstats job

Post by skullz »

Try to set cache result to 'No'

good luck

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