[SOLVED] found unknown arguments @ SpoolMailsReprocess

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[SOLVED] found unknown arguments @ SpoolMailsReprocess

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We are getting these message every day since a few month:
Error: found unknown arguments on the command line ('').

Reprocess mails from spool directory that could not be imported in the first

otrs.Console.pl Maint::PostMaster::SpoolMailsReprocess

[--help] - Display help for this command.
[--no-ansi] - Do not perform ANSI terminal output coloring.
[--quiet] - Suppress informative output, only retain error
I can't find any help or solution ... the system is working.

Maybe i found the error ... the first params field is expanded, i just clicked "-" and now it looks like the others.
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Re: found unknown arguments @ SpoolMailsReprocess

Post by zzz »


Looks like a misconfiguration of a cron tab.
Check the system configuration "Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###SpoolMailsReprocess" and set it back to default if there are any changes.

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Edit: Looks like you already found it =)
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