limit visibility Tickets to operators based Service

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limit visibility Tickets to operators based Service

Post by serena » 02 Dec 2019, 18:28

Hello everybody

We need to be able to limit the visibility of the Tickets to different operators, based on the Service. :( :(

In detail, if a Ticket is opened associated to a given service, only a part of the operators (who are not associated with the same groups or the same roles), must be able to see it.
  • Operator1 associated with the Group1 group (with associated different Roles)
  • Operator2 associated with the Group2 group (with associated different Roles)
  • Operator3 associated with the Group3 group (with associated different Roles)
  • Operator4 associated with the Group4 group (with associated different Roles)
A Ticket is opened and associated with the YYYY service.
The ticket must be visible to Operator2 and Operator4 while it must not be visible to the other 2 operative.

Is there a possibility to implement this functionality? :( :( :(

Thank you so much for your help
Best Regards


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Re: limit visibility Tickets to operators based Service

Post by MHCDdave » 06 Dec 2019, 01:48

I think you might need to add queues to the mix here in order to manage that.

Have a queue for each service, and a group that matches that queue. Make sure you set the "group" in the queue creation menu to be the one you created for that queue, and add the appropriate operators to it.

For Example:

Queue = Email
Group = Email

Add operator1 and operator2 to the e-mail group but don't add operator3 or operator4

Set permissions on the e-mail group however you need to.

tickets logged to the e-mail queue will only be visible by people in the e-mail group, i.e. operator1 and operator2 in this case.
OTRS 6.18

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