Choose responsible from all the possible list

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Choose responsible from all the possible list

Post by drodralv »


We would like to know whether will be the possibility to choose a responsible for a ticket from all the agent list and not only the ones that are part of the ticket´s queue (what i think is happening).

I saw in internet that there is a additional feature "Queue responsible" so you can set a Responsible for a Queue and then just choose the Queue you want, but is not exactly what i want.

Anyone knows for the possibility of open th filter for responsible dropdown list?

Thank you!

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Re: Choose responsible from all the possible list

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If you want to change the responsible and open the dropdown, all the agent's that have that queue registered in "MyQueue" (personal preferences) are listed. If you then click the little refresh button next to the dropdown the list will be filled with all the responsibles that are possible based on permissions (like RO/RW).

If an agent does not have permissions to this queue, you cannot assign a ticket to him (which makes sense).

Does this answer the question ?
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