Dynamic Field Sublevel many fields issue

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Dynamic Field Sublevel many fields issue

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Dear OTRS Team,

Need help in OTRS Dynamic field we need very detailed information in 1 dynamic field as shown in attached Fig 1.
As in Fig1 this is only one location, we need to add 6 more like these in this same dropdown menu, it is very difficult to add these fields from Dynamic field from admin web GUI menu please see fig2.
We have to ad so many sublevels to make more dropdown menus, is there any short way to do this.

Please help have to complete this urgently.

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Re: Dynamic Field Sublevel many fields issue

Post by root »

itxali wrote:
10 Oct 2019, 11:36
Dear OTRS Team
This forum is handled by volunteers and has NO relationship with the vendor.

AFAIK there's no easier way for the Community Edition. If it's really urgent you should consider professional help/support.

- Roy
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Re: Dynamic Field Sublevel many fields issue

Post by crythias »

You're asking for help to make a horrible user experience.

Click for the first thing.
Wait for it to load.
Click/drag/find the first entry in hundreds of entries
Click it
Get the next list/wait for it to load
Click/drag/find the next entry in hundreds of entries
Click it
viewtopic.php?t=23177 might be of interest, but it's very old and probably doesn't work anymore.

It's strongly suggested that you consider creating some sort of fuzzy search rather than dropdown lists.
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Re: Dynamic Field Sublevel many fields issue

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you can use Dynamic Field from CI, Dynamic Field Webservice or Dynamic Field Database which are all available as commercial modules. But no easy way in the ((OTRS)) Community Edition
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