Two email adress in one email to OTRS.

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Two email adress in one email to OTRS.

Post by MichalKTW »

Hi everyone,

We have two email addres. One of them, let's name it, have his own validation. The second one,, don't have any validation, you just send email and ticket will be created.
Yesterday I faced a problem with it. The customer sends us an email including both addresses one and two in the same email. As a resaults of that, the customer receives an auto-reply that the ticket has not been created (the result of "OTRS-Ignore" from validation).

Do you have any idea how I can fix it?

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Re: Two email adress in one email to OTRS.

Post by crythias »

What would you want the proper operation to be?

If you don't want tickets created by sending an email to, then it did what it was supposed to do.

The ticket is X-OTRS-Ignore -- one email event to rule them all.

You might be able to include a negate filter (maybe) and test it for the "as long as the other email isn't here" in your X-OTRS-Ignore rule.

You could, also, just have the ticket create in a holding Queue and not X-OTRS-Ignore.
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