Add cc to Webform

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Add cc to Webform

Post by pidilandia » 03 Jul 2019, 12:58

I use otrs 5.
I have a web form where colleagues open the tickets to me.
I would like to insert in the web form the possibility that colleagues can insert an email address in cc.
I need this to let colleagues know that a ticket on a certain topic has already been opened.
Do you think it's possible? How can it be done?
Or do you have any other suggestions?

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Add cc to Webform

Post by root » 03 Jul 2019, 13:45


If this web form from OTRS? Then it probably needs custom development.

- Roy
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Re: Add cc to Webform

Post by takeno » 13 Jul 2019, 08:38

I suggest creating a Dynamic_Field which will be input an email address, and adding ticket notifications. ... ifications
I hope that 'Additional recipient email addresses' meets your needs.
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Re: Add cc to Webform

Post by renegad » 18 Aug 2019, 16:51

This fixes a few minor bugs in the last patch, and adds a test that steps through the email creation process. Next up, testing email creation after a form submission.

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