Customer FAQ module not visible

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Customer FAQ module not visible

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Hi all,

we had OTRS 5 installed wich got updated to OTRS 6.0.18 recently.
With OTRS 5 we had the FAQ module visible for customers after they logged in.

On OTRS6 the FAQ module now is not visible anymore and I have no idea why that is and how to (re-) activate it.

The public FAQ portal works fine but on the customer portal after logging in, only the ticketmodule is available.
I expect to see the faq set to the category 'extern (customer)' to be visible only after Login.

I'm quite new to OTRS, I had a look into the sysconfiguration and saw that under Frontend->customer->module registration all modules are activated.

Did the customer faq not make it into V6?
We have several FAQ articoles in there, can I try to redeploy the faq module without deleting the existing articles (in the DB)?
Any other idea what needs to be done to enable the customer faqs?

best regards, Udo

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