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Index Missing

Post by atom » 04 Jan 2019, 11:32

i have upgraded our otrs 5 instance to version 6. This was a few weeks ago. Before of that, one index did not exist (otrs was horribly slow) and we created it.

The question is, after the upgrade process, do we need to check the indexes manually or are all indexes created during the upgrade process?

OTRS6 works fine so far :-)

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Re: Index Missing

Post by obione85 » 10 Jan 2019, 09:47

would you be so kind to tell us which index was missing and how you created it?
i also got an OTRS 6 running, and Queue load really slow, while everything else is very fast.

dashboard page load: 500ms
queue page load with less than 10 tickets: 3000ms
queue page load with 100 open tickets: up to 19000 ms

i can see lots of queries not using an index, but its usually a query that searches for 1 row.
slow queries take about 0.1 seconds, but nothing is slower that this.
OTRS 6.0.14 (test/live) on CentOS7 with MySQL database (MariaDB)

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