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Package install

Post by rajbps » 02 Dec 2018, 18:10

Hi Team,

I have otrs 6 version OTRS 6.0.12.

When I try to install a package like : iPhoneHandle-4.0.6.opm I get the following error:

iPhoneHandle 4.0.6 package information
Package installation requires a patch level update of OTRS.

If you are a OTRS Business Solution™ customer, please visit our customer portal and file a request.

Everything else will be done as part of your contract.

Please note that your installed OTRS version is 6.0.12.

This package can only be installed on OTRS version 4.0.x or newer.
Why should I keep OTRS up to date?

You will receive updates about relevant security issues.
You will receive updates for all other relevant OTRS issues.

How can I do a patch level update if I don’t have a contract?

Please find all relevant information within the updating instructions at

In case you would have further questions we would be glad to answer them.
Please visit our customer portal and file a request.

Could anyone advise on what patch is required please.



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Re: Package install

Post by root » 02 Dec 2018, 18:20


The package iPhoneHandle is not available for OTRS 6. Use the mobile device with responsive design for mobile devices.

- Roy
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