Can you keep open ticket attachment in DB and close ticket in FS

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Can you keep open ticket attachment in DB and close ticket in FS

Post by Volverine87 » 09 Nov 2018, 18:25

Hi All,

Couldn't find a right answer for above question so thou i ask,
I assume that If you keep setting in Core:Ticket
for Ticket::StorageModule AticleStorage DB
then use
Ticket::StorageModule::CheckAllBackends Yes

and then run the Script Admin::Article::StorageSwitch --target ArticleStorageFS tickets-closed-before-days 60
Script should move only attachment from ticket closed for minimum 60 days and keep remaining one in DB is that correct?

We previously had all attachment in FS as our Database was growing huge over 30GB so i moved them all to FS, now its over 100GB just FS and Database only about 1GB which is good for backing up and performance, but since we receiving invoices via OTRS we are not always able to find the right one considering ArticleStorageFS dont support search for attachment,
If i do above setup will i achieve the goal? its mainly problem with current open ticket or freshly closed if we receive query.

If someone have better idea please feel free to share.
and did anyone before used 2 backends how system behave and is performance not suffering?
Currently have assign 2 Core and 6GB of ram to server but some page still taking its time to load, not sure what other improvement i can do apart from tuning guide in below page ... rs-storage


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