Handle customer company hierarchy

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Handle customer company hierarchy

Post by inesc » 07 Nov 2018, 17:53


Most of our customer are composed of a parent company and subsidiaries. We need to handle this hierarchy.
We tried to set the multiple CustomerIDs and the customer groups but (if we did it well) it seems that it doesn't fit our need.

We need to:
- link customer companies to others
- allow customer users to be linked to the parent customer company and see all the subsidiaries activity (tickets).

Is it possible in standard with otrs? did we miss something on the use of the customer groups and/or multiple CustomerIDs?

In advance, thx for your help!

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Re: Handle customer company hierarchy

Post by christianclavet » 12 Nov 2018, 15:18

Hi, Not exactly sure what you mean, but from what I know you can define a customer user to be part of multiple company's.

So you can define Customer user 1 to be part of customerA, customerB, customerC, customerD

You use the group to give the access to the queue to the customer user.
So the customer user is the central point, not the company. You still can track the activity for each company by using the customer user.
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