Tickets Categories, Services or Queue

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Tickets Categories, Services or Queue

Post by amedina » 11 Oct 2018, 20:36

Hi all,
I've been studying ITIL for a couple of month and I'm working on improve (or create) our incident and problem management processes. We've been using OTRS for a couple of years now but only receiving tickets, we use 2 queue only (one for IT Support and one for Apps Development teams).

Having now a better understating of ITIL, I want to use tickets "Types" (incident, problems, request), and I'm looking for a good way to categorize our tickets, do you categorize using queues or services? or do you create Categories (using Dynamic Fields)?

I wanted to keep it simple for the agents with fewer queues, but maybe the best way to categotize the tickets is using the names of the queues as the categories for the tickets.

Please let me know how do you categorize, I know this could be different for any organization, but I'd like to know your experiences.


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Re: Tickets Categories, Services or Queue

Post by wurzel » 11 Oct 2018, 23:54


ticket type is your type. incident, service request, ...

Queue is your Team working on tickets (servicedesk, 1st level, DBA,...)
keep queues simple!

Service is your service catalogue
might be a big amount of services

more categorisation might be possible with dynamic fields

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