Using Perl API to change ticket user

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Using Perl API to change ticket user

Post by dwlangham » 20 Aug 2018, 21:11

Please, can someone point me to an example of actual perl code (ie., NOT the api docs) where someone has used the Perl api to set the customer user on a ticket? I've read the documentation and tried what's shown (e.g., ..., but I cannot get anything to work. I'm new to Perl, so that may be my problem.

I've Googled for an example of an actual implementation of the module call to no avail.

ANY HELP will be greatly appreciated. If I can't figure this out I'll be updating the values using SQL statement. Not good.


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Re: Using Perl API to change ticket user

Post by root » 26 Aug 2018, 08:31


That's the a transition action from process mgmt, you're completly wrong.
See the API ... ustomerSet and usage here ...

Btw, the community don't dare. Change your database if you like, you'll see what happen.

- Roy
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