Dynamic Fields in the 'Header' area of AgentTicketZoom

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Dynamic Fields in the 'Header' area of AgentTicketZoom

Post by kruegerM » 03 Aug 2018, 18:27

Currently at 5.0.24.
We have two dynamic fields that we have suppressed display of in the Sidebar and instead displayed them in the Header; between the Title and the Menu Bar.
Going to 6, I notice the rework of TicketZoom processing - the separation of header info and sidebar info (TicketInformation) in template files. Rather than me digging, can someone point me to which file(s) will need modified to allow dynamic fields in the Header area.

Hoping this is still possible; management has seen tickets this way for some time - - original request for the change came out of Change Board reviews.

Thank you for whatever information you may have!!


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