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Queue permissions

Post by DannyDCx » 08 Jun 2018, 20:14


Recently I recieve an administration of one OTRS already installed, which have some configurations that I can´t understand.

For example, in new ticket we just can create ticket in one unique queue and I would like to create tickets in all the queues and it seems not to be a permissions issue.

I have two groups (users 1, users2). Users1 have the same permissions of Users2 however Users2 does not have the permissions of Users1, also I have some queues (QueueA, QueueB, QueueC, QueueD), all this config without role assignment. Queues A and B belongs to Users1 and Queues C and D belongs to Users2. Basically this is the config I have however all the agent no matter wich group belongs just can create tickets in Queue D, wich belongs to Users2.

Leave some examples:



Permissions of my user:


And just appear this queue to create tickets:


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Re: Queue permissions

Post by wurzel » 10 Jun 2018, 17:58


check your ACLs please

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