Migration otrs 4 a 5

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Migration otrs 4 a 5

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Je suis chargé de la migration du serveur otrs4 a otrs5, je rencontre une erreur lors de la migration de la base https://otrs.github.io/doc/manual/admin ... ading.html, step 6.2:

root@otrs[15:38]:su -c "/opt/otrs/scripts/DBUpdate-to-5.pl" -s /bin/bash otrs

Migration started...

Step 1 of 17: Refresh configuration cache...
If you see warnings about 'Subroutine Load redefined', that's fine, no need to worry!

Step 2 of 17: Check framework version...done.

Step 3 of 17: Migrate Database Column Types...done.

Step 4 of 17: Migrate charset to UTF-8 on auto_response table...done.

Step 5 of 17: Migrate charset to UTF-8 on notification_event table...done.

Step 6 of 17: Migrate event based notifications to support multiple languages...done.

Step 7 of 17: Migrate notifications to event based notifications...ERROR: OTRS-DBUpdate-to-5.pl-42 Perl: 5.16.3 OS: linux Time: Wed Dec 2 15:38:33 2015

Message: Can't add notification 'Old Ticket new note notification ( Duplicate Name )', notification already exists!

Traceback (17187):
Module: Kernel::System::NotificationEvent::NotificationAdd Line: 271
Module: main::_MigrateNotifications Line: 1109
Module: /opt/otrs//scripts/DBUpdate-to-5.pl Line: 162

merci pour votre aide.

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