perl Editor for OTRS development

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perl Editor for OTRS development

Post by tripti_rai2005 »

Can you please suggest a suitable perl editor for OTRS development .Also how to move the entire source code into the editor in order to work on it.
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Re: perl Editor for OTRS development

Post by crythias »

I use vi. Others use emacs. Some people use notepad. Still others use Notepad++. There are a few people who probably use an IDE....

My personal is Putty plus screen/byobu/tmux with multiple screens for Config, System, Modules, Standard, and otrs root, editing with vi. Then if I need to bounce between Modules and display, I can ctrl-a ctrl-a and keep everything open.
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Re: perl Editor for OTRS development

Post by ferrosti »

It depends on.
For small code changes and dirty hacking I usually use vi.

For development itself I like my eclipse.
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