Swedish users?

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Swedish users?

Post by ullanss »


We want to get in contact with other OTRS-users in Sweden for exchange of knowlege/best practice etc.
Any swedish consultans out there?

We have been using OTRS for a couple of years and would like to make a few small changes. For example change the time units, modify the dashboard, unlock tickets/change priority without being the owner....

/Ulrika, SiteVision

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Re: Swedish users?

Post by wurzel »


consultants from otrs.com may get to sweden. :)

Jusk ask the Sales Team http://www.otrs.com/en/company/locations/

Perhaps there are partners listed? http://www.otrs.com/en/company/partners/

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    Re: Swedish users?

    Post by tto »

    ullanss wrote:[...] OTRS-users in Sweden for exchange of knowlege/best practice etc.
    Any swedish consultans out there?
    We have been using OTRS for a couple of years and would like to make a few small changes. [...]
    Hej Ulrika,

    if you are interested, c.a.p.e. IT (http://www.cape-it.de/) is also providing professional OTRS consulting and development. We also support customers in Scandinavia, of course also in Sweden. If you are interested I could check the possibilities for an experience exchange.

    hej då, Torsten
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    Re: Swedish users?

    Post by montoxic »

    Hej Ulrika,

    Jag jobbar som konsult, dock är inte OTRS min primära jobb men vi kör det själva på jobbet och jag gör en del jobb emellan åt gamla arbetsgivare gällande otrs.
    Jag har hållt på med OTRS i 6 år.

    skicka mig ett PM, så tar vi det därifrån om du vill


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