Call Center Scenario questions

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Call Center Scenario questions

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Hello everyone,
I'll try to describe my case and probably find a solution or a gude:
I work in a mobile phones/accessories / mobile solutions etc. retail company with a vast retail shop chain.
So our company outsourced our call center. The call center will receive calls from our customers about :
- product information
- aftersale support
- service orders
- warranty info
- etc.
For each call a ticket will be created from call center operators and assigned to a predefined groups of users/agents in HQ.
So far so good.
I'm stuck with this:
Do I create an agent group and agent accounts for call center operators, or do I create a customer group and customer profiles , as the phonecalls that are received are from different people, not predefined, with no info for them /email for example - mandatory for ticket creation from agent/.
Any "call center" scenario or best practice will be deeply appreciated.

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Re: Call Center Scenario questions

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I would create the customers on the fly. Means the agents should create the customer including email in the call. Thus you'll have an email to answer to.

Otherwise I'd recommend to create a dummy customer with a generic mail address to create tickets without a customer mail address given.

Using OTRS in a call center in an efficient manner is not a non-brainer. I'd strongly recommend to get some experienced consulting to help you with the setup. This prevents you from endless searching and fixing.

Just my 2c since I've spent a lot of time working with those scenarios.


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