Outbound emails not sent

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Outbound emails not sent

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I'm getting the following errors while sending outbound emails:

[Error][Kernel::System::CommunicationLog::_LogError][Line:538]: The communication '1540333' is already closed, can't be used.

I ran the following command to force sending the emails and got this message:

./otrs.Console.pl Maint::Email::MailQueue --send --force --verbose

Message: The communication '1540333' is already closed, can't be used.

Traceback (6942):
Module: Kernel::System::CommunicationLog::_LogError Line: 538
Module: Kernel::System::CommunicationLog::_RecoverCommunicationObject Line: 498
Module: Kernel::System::CommunicationLog::new Line: 66
Module: Kernel::System::ObjectManager::_ObjectBuild Line: 306
Module: Kernel::System::ObjectManager::Create Line: 241
Module: Kernel::System::MailQueue::_GetCommunicationLog Line: 1647
Module: Kernel::System::MailQueue::Send Line: 638
Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Email::MailQueue::Send Line: 198
Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Email::MailQueue::Run Line: 146
Module: (eval) Line: 460
Module: Kernel::System::Console::BaseCommand::Execute Line: 454
Module: Kernel::System::Console::InterfaceConsole::Run Line: 80
Module: ./otrs.Console.pl Line: 36

Error: Can't call method "CommunicationIDGet" on an undefined value at /opt/otrs-6.0.25/Kernel/System/MailQueue.pm line 639.

Thanks in advance for your comments

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