OTRS Attribute Last Note/FreeText Stats

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OTRS Attribute Last Note/FreeText Stats

Post by Umvil »

Hi there!
I was wondering if i could add a attribute to OTRS report function where it takes the last Note or Free text in a ticket.
Because our helpdesk puts in the last note what they did the solve the incident we would like to have it in our reports.
I did look around on the forums, but most solutions needed some changes in OTRS it self. I don't have acces to the files in OTRS only admin rights inside OTRS. If anyone has a module or tips on how to get the last note or free text from a ticket in a statistic report, that would be great.

Hope to hear from you!
Kind regars,

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Re: OTRS Attribute Last Note/FreeText Stats

Post by skullz »

Just create a ticket dynamic field , enable them at close ticket screen..put every resolution in this dynamic field

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