Changing activity dialogs at process-runtime

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Changing activity dialogs at process-runtime

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Hello otrs devs,

i am kinda new to otrs and wanted to ask if there is a possibility to change activity dialogs at runtime.
My actual process splits in to 3 more activities after selecting one option from my dropdown dynamicfield.
These activities have different activity dialogs but i want them to be shown in realtime after selectiong one option.
So - is there a way to do this?
I experimented with ACLs but didn't get anything to work for it. I just want to know if its possible - and when - it would be nice to know :D


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Re: Changing activity dialogs at process-runtime

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The current activity-dialogues are based on the current activity (as available on the Ticket-Parameter). To "reach" new activity-dialogues, you first have to change the DynamicField_[Process....]ActivityEntityID indicating which activity you are on. If you change this field through the GUI, OTRS will perform a page-reload, thus you cannot show them in "real time" based on a dropdown, without customization.
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Re: Changing activity dialogs at process-runtime

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ACLs will work, you have to use the cryptic ActivityID

- Roy
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