TicketSearch - multiple Queues

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TicketSearch - multiple Queues

Post by klopfa10 »

Hey Guys,

I've looked around, but can't find something that would help me. Maybe somebody got it!?

I have no problem to consume data via method=TicketSearch via webservice even if I want to consume the tickets for 1 specific queue.

But I have to perform TicketSearch on multiple Queues for example Postmaster AND Raw.
I can't find anything in the manuals. There is only one request for TicketSearch but only request on 1 queue.

In the /Kernel/GenericInterface/Operation/Ticket/ they say you can consume the ticketIDs from multiple Queues.

Code: Select all

Queues => ['system queue', 'other queue'],
QueueIDs => [1, 42, 512]
I tried this in different ways but it won't work. Do I have to change something in the I don't want to make 2 http requests....

Please help. I'm sure somebody did it already.
If not, I will call znuny developement :D
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Re: TicketSearch - multiple Queues

Post by crythias »

I don't have information on REST as I don't particularly use it. However, for URLs and SysConfig, I believe I've filtered on QueueIDs=5;QueueIDs=14
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