Ticket reopened by followup from copied person

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Ticket reopened by followup from copied person

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We are using OTRS 5.
Tickets get reopened after a followup from someone who was in copy of the ticket reply.
This seems wrong as only the customer email should reopen the ticket.
How to go about the development of this functionality?


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Re: Ticket reopened by followup from copied person

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I would try filter incoming email by adding a filter:
Search header field: CC
Value: your-helpdesk-mail@domain.com
and set
It will ignore all, so i assume that all ticket come with your domain in TO field.

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Re: Ticket reopened by followup from copied person

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You need a Pre-Filter which checks if the sender of the e-mail is the CustomerUser of the ticket if it's a FollowUp. If the e-mail is a FollowUp, the ticket is in a closed state and the sender not the CustomerUser the e-mail can be ignored. Optionally, you let pass the e-mails and add the X-OTRS-Keep-State header.
Your filter needs to run after the existing FollowUp filter.

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