Email body loses formatting in articles

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Email body loses formatting in articles

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We are having problems on how emails are being modified / logged by OTRS.


Since the article was saved this way, all outgoing/incoming emails are having this too much spaces.


Some of our findings / few points to consider
  • We noticed that the emails were logged with content-type of "text/plain" and not as "text/plain; charset=utf-8", but we cannot reproduce this issue as every email we sent were logged as "text/plain; charset=utf-8"
  • We are aware that all emails are being converted to their ASCII form via ToAscii method found in Kernel/System/ - but we're not sure why it still creates multiple linebreaks, and other emails are just fine.
  • We are using purely outlook in all email exchanges
  • We saw the PostmasterAutoHTML2Text in SysConfig was currently set to "Yes", but we're not sure of what's the purpose of this? We tried setting it to No, but nothing seems to change

Thank you all in Advance! :)
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