Multi groups query LDAP

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Multi groups query LDAP

Post by yenda » 27 Nov 2017, 16:05

I need to filter LDAP records to access otrs like


(cn=department) isn't an authentizing condition, it's a filter of otrs groups. It's on the same level of LDAP path as (cn=branch) and (cn=admins):

I've tried to use a filter
$Self->{'AuthModule::LDAP::AlwaysFilter'} = '(|(cn=branchA)(cn=admins))';

that is the result a user logging LDAP filter in log:

It seems to be right but not working, usernameX's access is denied even he is in one or both of the groups.

I've used many variations of syntax including (&(|(objectclass=posixGroup))(|(cn=admins)(cn=branchA))) - this syntax running on our nextcloud file server, but no success in otrs.

Any idea?

otrs 5 on ubuntu 16.04, openldap (ubuntu)

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