retrieve info from Url to ticket body

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retrieve info from Url to ticket body

Post by jmishal » 27 Nov 2017, 08:46

Hello Everyone

first time we using OTRS 5 and seems is working fine (thanks OTRS).

now we need to retrieve information from Url based on TT# on the subject
for example some time I received email ~ OTRS (ticket) from support team they put in the subject something like (customer have issue .. TT #443556) and based on this number (443556) I've link contain all customer information for it from my local server like

I need to fetch those info and put in the body of this Ticket to be something like
Ticket#2017113766001235 — customer have issue TT #443556

hello team this customer (ID 443556) have issue

name: john
company: bla bla
telphone: +345223

it can be done ?

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