RSA Archer GRC Plateforme & OTRS

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RSA Archer GRC Plateforme & OTRS

Post by fpaco » 20 Sep 2017, 14:42

Hello everyone,

I have recently developed for my company a demo to make RSA Archer communicate with OTRS and I am looking for help so that my work integrate fully with OTRS and won't be erased by an update. And if you think my works could be integrated in a future release of OTRS, that's fine with me :)

Scenario :
We are using RSA Archer to handle incident security and follow their resolution (like a ticket). As an instance of Archer is a bit costly, we wanted to have a tool than could be use by our customer to access their incidents and communicate with us. OTRS was chosen for this task. We are using OTRS 5s free.
Basically a ticket will be opened by our side on Archer and then sent to the customer who will see it in OTRS. He will answer in OTRS and his answer should come back to us in Archer.

Problem :
The actual interface of the web services is not adapted for Archer, indeed to send a request to RSA Archer, you need to first authenticate and get a token and then send your web request with it. But OTRS by default does both in one request.

Actions :
Briefly, I changed the interface used to configure a requester so that I could register parameters for Archer.
To make use of that I also changed the mechanism of building a request to take into account the added parameters.

So far the modified files are the following :
/Kernel/Output/HTML/Templates/Company/ (add the fields for Archer, see picture above)
/Kernel/Modules/ (handle the fiels and store the values for a later use)
/Kernel/GenericInterface/Transport/HTTP/REST/ (add building of the authenticate request for Archer and handling the token)
/Kernel/GenericInterface/Invoker/Test/ (generate the body for the update request)
/Kernel/Config/Files/GenericInterface.xml (add a couples of lines to allow the use of the files I added and

The way I did this is certainly not the best as any updates of OTRS will impose me to modify the files again. Should I create a module to attain my goal ? Or is there another way ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

ps : if needed I will add the details of my modification later
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