DynamicField Contact With Data Tags

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DynamicField Contact With Data Tags

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Hi All,

Quick question. Does the dynamic type field "Contact With Data" support OTRS Tags?

For instance: I have created a new "Contact With Data" with the following field (Name, ValidID, Login, Email)

Is it possible to get these value in the notification system?
Example <OTRS_TICKET_DyanamicField_DF_Login> or <OTRS_TICKET_DyanamicField_DF_Email>

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Re: DynamicField Contact With Data Tags

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As Contact with Data is part of the OTRS Business Solution please contact the OTRS AG Servicedesk for support
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Re: DynamicField Contact With Data Tags

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You can fill in any Dynamic Field with Customer Data.
Ticket → Core::Ticket
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