SLA time format doubt

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SLA time format doubt

Post by cris12345 » 26 May 2017, 19:38


Quick question, the SLA is saving the minutes amount according to each calendar, but in somehow it saved the final hour in a regular time format?

I mean, If a ticket is created at 3pm and only have 2hours of SLA
I have to write 120 in solution time section on the SLA.
But in the database table "sla" is saving the 120 not the datetime and I need that final datetime. Any idea how can I get it?

I was thinking to take the amount and divided in 60 and then by 24. But If I apply an adddate() it wouldn't avoid weekend days.


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Re: SLA time format doubt

Post by RNS » 11 Jul 2017, 08:58


by default it saved in minutes format in sla table and it will be taken as reference time to calculate sla for ticket.

to get ticket escalation date time go to table ticket and you will find column escalation_solution_time(unix timestamp) which is the final datetime of sla.

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