How to copy a ticket

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How to copy a ticket

Post by ndhvu275 »

Hi all,

The requirement is ticket would be changed queue (a department can resolve) and it would be assigned for user A, but no update for a long time. So this ticket will be move back to original queue and also create a task in current queue (this task has contents same with ticket's) => copy ticket to a task. To do this in a tool/OTRS page because there is a bulk of ticket to do per a day. So I have to do a customization.

For now, I'm focusing on OTRS funtionalities of Kernel::GenericInterface::Operation::Ticket::TicketGet and Kernel::GenericInterface::Operation::Ticket::TicketCreate. I'm doing is right or not? Or do you have any idea about this. I´d like to get some input from all of you to have a direction to go to

Thanks in adv

Vu Nguyen
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Re: How to copy a ticket

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First of all I would simply use the automatic unlock to get the ticket back to the queue. You can define unlock times in the queue administration.

If that doesn't solve your problem then check the "split" function for the last article.


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