cloning a dashlet, what am I missing?

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cloning a dashlet, what am I missing?

Post by Alexander Halle » 26 Aug 2012, 03:07

I have cloned the "Upcoming Events" dashlet to get a second dashlet which shows more tickets.

The second dashlet works fine, but when I activate both dashlets at the same time then the orginal dashlet suddenly shows the same tickets as the cloned one. Obviously I made a mistake in the cloned "/otrs/Kernel/Output/HTML/" so that both dashlets share the same ticket list.

This is the orignal file: ... iew=markup

I have copied, renamed it (, adjusted the package name (line 12) and replaced the template file reference (line 184) with the name of the copied and renamed dtl file. Of course I also created a xml file for the dashlet and let its module parameter point to my cloned

Can someone please give me a hint how to correct the ticket list behaviour, so that I get two independent dashlets with independent ticket lists? I'm still at the very beginning of learning Perl and OTRS code.
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Re: cloning a dashlet, what am I missing?

Post by artjoms15 » 27 Aug 2012, 15:38

You should change the name of the data block as well (Line 169 and maybe Line 177)

Code: Select all

Name => 'ContentSmallCalendarOverviewRow',
to some other name. Do not forget to change it in according DTL file as well.
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