Using OTRS and .Net

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Using OTRS and .Net

Post by ApplxBridge » 04 Jul 2012, 14:28

Good Day

I am trying to create a .Net client that will consume the web services on OTRS. Steps that I have taken so far:
1)Created a web service on OTRS called "Test"
2)Selected to use "HTTP:SOAP" (the only option present) in the "OTRS as a provider"
3)Clicked on configure and set namespace to "TestNamespace" and message length to "1048576"
4)Added "SessionCreate" operation with the name "Session", incoming and outgoing data set to "Simple"

In my C# code, i am pointing to "http://localhost/otrs/nph-genericinterf ... rvice/Test". However I keep getting various error, ranging from Invalid SOAPAction to Length required.

I have almost given up trying to successfully connect and create a session or ticket.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Using OTRS and .Net

Post by Mike_B » 09 Jul 2012, 14:28

"Length Required" indicates you should configure the length in the Transport configuration in OTRS. - @michielbeijen on Twitter

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