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Perl Developer Links

Post by Alexander Halle » 07 Nov 2011, 17:55

List of some helpful Perl developer links, maintained by the forum moderators.
(To suggest a link, please post it as an answer to this posting.)

Perl Distributions: (recommended choice for Windows, open source)

Development Tools: (Perl IDE for Windows, open source, includes Strawberry Perl) (cross platform GUI application framework, open source)

Perl tutorials: (short but good list of Perl tutorials) (Perl book for beginners, free, creative commons license) (Perl book for beginners, free, commercial license, use the pdf links behind each chapter)

News: (new, comprehensive Perl news letter, also with archive) (news in German)

Help: (international Perl community) (German Perl community)
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Re: Perl Developer Links

Post by raindropz » 16 Sep 2014, 08:27

It was a great help for me. I was searching for the developers links to complete a project, time warner cable tv guide . My system is windows. Thanks for sharing the useful Perl Developer Links. I have saved and bookmarked this page for future reference.

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Re: Perl Developer Links

Post by fvictorio » 04 Aug 2016, 14:05

I used Modern Perl, by chromatic ( The electronic versions can be read for free. It's really good if you are already an experienced developer.

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