Fetch Emails at scheduled time

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Fetch Emails at scheduled time

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Hi All,

By Default all the emails from remote server are fetched periodically to the OTRS server through its daemon in every 10 min,
But there are ways through which We can bypass this mechanism through fetchmail
https://doc.otrs.com/doc/manual/admin/6 ... tings.html

I tried this setting and scheduled the same through crontab but unfortunately mail is pushed in OTRS only when daemon is run in 10 min i.e fetchmail didn't worked to push the mail to otrs .

Created .fetchmailrc file in $OTRS_HOME folder
Placed my email settings as descbed in above link
poll mail.example.com protocol POP3 user joe password mama is otrs

Called fetchmail from Crontab

Even though fetchmail is called but it didn't pushed the mail to given Q in OTRS every min , But it did the same in 10 min i.e everytime daemon runs

Can anyone suggest what I am exactly missing


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Re: Fetch Emails at scheduled time

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akshattandon wrote:
24 Mar 2020, 00:37
Can anyone suggest what I am exactly missing
Yes: the proper place to ask. This is not development related. And for shorted interval you should consider switching from polling to pushing by using SMTP w/ procmail.

- Roy
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