Ticket::SearchIndexModule stripping

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Ticket::SearchIndexModule stripping

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I've got a question for the devs and anyone with more than a passing knowledge of the back-end of the OTRS 2.4 application.

I help maintain an OTRS installation for the company I work for and we're currently looking to convert our installation from Runtime to a StaticDB. In the 2.4 manual it mentions:
Runtime will do fulltext searches on live data on runtime (fine till about 50.000 tickets). StaticDB will strip all articles and will build and index (all uniq words of an article) after article creation (this will increase fulltext searches about 50%).
What, in this context, does 'strip' mean? Does it mean that the articles being stored will be 'edited' and stripped of all HTML and mail headers or does it mean that the actual articles are merely indexed for relevant search terms? In English the word strip means to remove, so before going to town on our list of over 50k articles we'd like to know what exactly the effect will be on our stored articles.

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Re: Ticket::SearchIndexModule stripping

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It just means the articles indexed are plain text. The original articles (either stored in the db or in the file system for better performance) aren't touched at all.


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