OTRS 5, ticket notifications, emails with OTRS tags

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OTRS 5, ticket notifications, emails with OTRS tags

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Hello everybody,

We have OTRS 5s in operation.
When I first get a new note, I would like to send an email to the ticket creator, with the content of the note. (Attention. The customer is not always the creator of the ticket)

I have already found the parameter (TAG) for the e-mail of the ticket required and included it under "Different e-mail heard". Unfortunately, the email won't die. To be on the safe side, I've also heard other parameters that stand for emails. But it sends the feedback of the note and one of the e-mail addresses that are set using parameters.
But when I add the other parameters to the "authorization text", then it writes the mail addresses in

This amazes me a little, because as I heard it says the personal rights notice that dies should go.
(See picture / link)
PICTURE: https://cloud.isg-ro.de/s/TLFGWjdJXcDabwx

Does anyone have any idea why this could be and how it can be fixed?
Or is there perhaps another, easier way of sending the content of a newly created note to the CREATOR by email? (Automatic delivery)

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