Performance issues - Proxy error

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Performance issues - Proxy error

Post by drodralv »


We upgraded to OTRS 6 and we have very slow system. Using oTRS 5.0.28 is quite quick but, when preparing a new VM with newer SO and Perl version (we had to prepare a new machine), this OTRS is very slow, giving proxy errors quite often.

OTRS just let check debug level errors, where you can see some actions made by OTRS, but not deeper view of what is doing and why is making some actions so slow. For example SupportDataCollector is imposible to go in

Any idea how to trace that? Could be possible to modify some module to add a timestamp trace and be able to know what is doing internally OTRS? We have the same hardware as for OTRS 5 pero the performance is bad.

Thank you

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Re: Performance issues - Proxy error

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There are multiple add-ons that block the communication to OTRS servers.
You might want to check them out (our AdBlocker) does exactly that.

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Re: Performance issues - Proxy error

Post by skullz »

What database type ? if PostgreSQL, previously, i have encountered a very slow load time when in status view, queue view and service view..
doing vacuum on these table 70% solve our load time issue..

- VACUUM FULL ANALYZE ticket_history;
- VACUUM FULL ANALYZE article_data_mime;
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Re: Performance issues - Proxy error

Post by root »

drodralv wrote:
04 Jan 2021, 10:25
this OTRS is very slow, giving proxy errors quite often.
Try checking the error_log of the webserver first.

- Roy
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