shm error

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shm error

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Im currently running OTRS 5 with SeLinux enabled on CentOS.

When I visit Agents ,Groups, Roles I have this error popping up on the OTRS Admin page.

Can't use an undefined value as a SCALAR reference at /opt/otrs//Kernel/Output/HTML/ line 1651.

and in the otrs logs I see this -->

[Error][Kernel::System::Log::new][110] Can't remove shm for log: Identifier removed

When I do setenforce 0, nothing breaks.. everything works perfectly fine.

I would like to know which SeLinux Label fixes the issue and to which folder/dir should I have the label.

Appreciate any leads.


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Re: shm error

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You already posted this topic. Do you really expect an answer now with the same text?

- Roy
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