Notification on changed customer - selectively

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Notification on changed customer - selectively

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I have a following problem.

We use OTRS (version 5) for alert management. Alerts are coming from another system always from one concrete email address. This email address is used as a customer in a newly created ticket (let's call it generic customer)
But these alerts are in fact related to different customers and the customers are then manually set by our agents. After setting the customer agents send a mail to customer using forward or reply option. We have around 200 different customers (they are all our employees, not having access to OTRS as agents).

I wanted to automatize this task by building generic agent which would assign the customer in the ticket based on certain criteria. So far all works fine.
When customer is assigned (changed from generic one to the concrete one) I'd like to send the notification to new customer that ticket was created for him. I need to send the customer the body of original ticket without any additional comment.

I did it by creating ticket notification on event TicketCustomerUpdate.
Problem is that this sends also a notification to generic customer when it is firstly assigned to the ticket. I need to eliminate to send it to generic customer but only when the real customer is assigned to the ticket.

Can anybody of you help me please?

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