E-mail filter question/problem

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E-mail filter question/problem

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Let's say we have e-mail address help@otrs.com and from that account our OTRS is fetching e-mails. Then, using e-mail filtering (based on FROM field @client.com) ticket is assigned to specific queues. Everything is OK.

Now, we add new e-mail address , f.e. help2@otrs.com , some new queue, new e-mail filter and our OTRS is fetching tickets from this account.

What should be done, if we want e-mail sent by the same @client.com (which is used in e-mail filter for help@otrs.com and queue(s)) to help2@otrs.com, that ticket have to be created in new queue ?

Right now we have situation, that e-mails sent from @client.com to help2@otrs.com are delivered to old queue and not to the new one.
Tried to make e-mail filter based on FROM field and TO (help2@otrs.com) with stop processing option enabled, but no change.

Any suggestions ?

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