External Ticket Number Recognition not working

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External Ticket Number Recognition not working

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i have issue with this module. I am using OTRS 4, that is receiving ticket from other/customer OTRS. So when they open a ticket notification comes creating new ticket with subject "[Ticket#*number*] New Ticket". Then if SLA warning comes, new message "[Ticket#*number*] SLA warning" comes where the *number* is naturally the same but my OTRS creates new ticket. What i want is not to create new but to put in existing one based on *number*.

So i set Dynamic Field where i did no additional setting. Field type: Text, Object type: Ticket. In Core:Postmaster in field

DynamicFieldName ExternalNumber
Module Kernel::System::PostMaster::Filter::ExternalTicketNumberRecognition
NumberRegExp Ticket#(\d.*)
SearchInBody 1
SearchInSubject 1
TicketStateTypes new;open

But the thing is OTRS is still creating new tickets instead of putting these based on ticket number to existing one.
I had other fields but deleted them trying to make this work.
Any idea what i am doing wrong or why it is not working as expected? Thanks.

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Re: External Ticket Number Recognition not working

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please do an update to the latest version first. Your OTRS version is buggy and unsecure and exploiteable from remote
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