Update PostmasterMailAccounts without Web Interface

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Update PostmasterMailAccounts without Web Interface

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So today i upgraded otrs (a perfect clone of our production enviroment) from 5.x.x to 6.0.20 on a test virtual machine.
Now i need to check if everything works, my question is: if i activate daemon and crond my virtual machine (with emails from postmaster and sendmail) will mess up my support email witch is configured for production system, so i created a test email account but i need to insert this email inside postmaster config and sendmail config without messing un anything in my official support email.

(maybe change postmaster and sendmail config without accessing to the web interface? where are stored these configurations?)

Can someone help me? thanks!

EDIT: i edited my db, precisely i truncated tables "system_address" and "mail_account".
Is it safe enough?

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