OTRS for helpDesk (INTERNAL Tickets)

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OTRS for helpDesk (INTERNAL Tickets)

Post by jmishal » 01 Nov 2018, 13:55

Hi all,

we are using OTRS for our internal communications ("sysadmin", "IT")

Now our helpdesk also want to use OTRS but with a little different scenario

Consider the following scenario:

- An end customer call to our "Helpdesk". (Example: "I not able to login to the system bala bla")
- The helpdesk agent open Ticket on OTRS contain the problem also the full information of the customer fetch it from (Customer Information Center) (i already integrated with customers database.)
- The helpdesk agent follow with customer over the phone till this problem to solve and close the ticket

the main idea of this it's like INTERNAL Tickets and keep it as records
How can I setup the OTRS system in this, Do I need to use ITSM or just in the existing config

Thanks for any hints and tricks!

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