Upgrade from 5.0.17 to 6.0.10

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Upgrade from 5.0.17 to 6.0.10

Post by bojko »

Hi All,

Please note that I have upgraded OTRS from 5.0.17 to 6.0.10 on Centos 7 without any error after running the DBUpdate-to-6.pl script. No errors were prompted, and the apache started fine.

However, after deleting the cache, I wanted to rebuild the config by using the command below:

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./otrs.Console.pl Maint::Config::Rebuild --cleanup
however, I am prompted with the error:

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 Message: Setting Ticket::Type::Default Effective value is not correct: Entity value is invalid(Unclassified)!

 Traceback (3387):
   Module: Kernel::System::SysConfig::ConfigurationDeploy Line: 3475
   Module: Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::Config::Rebuild::Run Line: 69
   Module: (eval) Line: 460
   Module: Kernel::System::Console::BaseCommand::Execute Line: 454
   Module: Kernel::System::Console::InterfaceConsole::Run Line: 80
   Module: ./otrs.Console.pl Line: 38
I check on the old 5.0.17 environment, and the value there is "Unclassified", as we did not have change this setting.

After checking the ZZZAAuto.pm on the upgraded 6.0.10 version, I can see the same value there, however, the config will not rebuild, and after I login, I am being prompted with "Internal Server Error: 500"

According to the admin book below, I have the correct default value.

https://ftp.otrs.org/pub/otrs/doc/doc-a ... n_book.pdf

For that matter, would you please be kind and try to help me on this?

Feel free to ask me any questions for info that I might have forgotten to mention.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Upgrade from 5.0.17 to 6.0.10

Post by about »

Hello Vlatko,

I have the same issue like you. I tried the Update from 5.0.30 to 6.0.11.

Did you get the same output?

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/opt/otrs/bin/otrs.Console.pl Admin::Config::Read --setting-name Ticket::Type::Default
Gathering setting value...

Setting: Ticket::Type::Default

I tried to set it manual with this:

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/opt/otrs/bin/otrs.Console.pl Admin::Config::Update --setting-name Ticket::Type::Default --value "Default"
no sucesss, did you found a solution for you?

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