Customer users and customer companies

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Customer users and customer companies

Post by KimmoJ » 09 Jul 2018, 14:10

So, what I'd like to do is give my agents is one link under the Customer menu that lets them admin the specific users, and one link that lets them admin the customer companies. All these "information center" variants look borderline useless to me but those are the links my agents are stuck with... and they're kind of confusing.

So, could someone guide me as to what specific setting I need to change to give my agents direct links to edit the customer user list and the customer company list, in the Customer dropdown in the Agent interface? This is in OTRS 6.

I tried searching for Frontend, but since that's a thousand settings, it doesn't help, then I tried searching for customer but that gave a dozen settings none of which seem relevant or comprehensible.

I literally upgraded my test instance to OTRS 6 an hour ago and the admin interface has gone from horrible to really really horrible, at least at first glance. I can't find a thing. :) Help?

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