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Dynamic Field

Post by Sayannara » 06 Jul 2018, 15:01


I'm trying to understand how I could use the "show link" and "show link preview" of dynamic fields.

The doc:
Show link: Optional.
If set, the field value will be converted into a clickable link for display screens (like ticket zoom or overviews).
For example, if "Show link" is set to "http://www.otrs.com", clicking on the filed value will make your browser to open the OTRS web page.

The use of [% Data.NameX | uri %] in the Set link value, where NameX is the name of the field will add the field value as part of the link reference.
Example: http://some.example.com/handle?query=[% Data.Field1 | uri %]

Does anyone has a an URL example? In practice what example could be done with that link?

Thank you
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