creating new tickets out of notifications (not followups)

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creating new tickets out of notifications (not followups)

Post by PhyrePhoX » 20 Jun 2018, 15:47


i would like to have a notification, that creates a new ticket - not a followup article.
In other words: If an event happens (lets say a due date is reached), i want to create a NEW ticket instead of an update in an existing ticket (the one with the due date). Bonus: Have both tickets automatically linked to each other.

I can send notifications to the ticketsystem, using another mail adresse, like "" and then create a filter that filters for that address.

But: What kind of header do i have to set, so OTRS does NOT search in the mail for references/ticketnumbers - so a NEW ticket will be created? Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance
OTRS 5.0.24 (with ITSM Modules)

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